LAB In-Person Meeting: 2nd May 2023

PLEASE NOTE THE DATE – due to the May bank holidays the meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd May, and will be held at Mash Paddle Brewery – 92 Enid St, London SE16 4AW.

This month is our annual Hayesenbrau competition, on the style of London Brown Ale. The competition is open to any member that comes to the meeting, and will be judged by the members present.

We are doing London Brown Ale for the 10th edition of the Hayesenbrau as it was Ant Hayes’ (LAB’s founder) favourite style. He presented at the US National Homebrew Conference about ‘Southern English Brown Ale’ in 2008 and gave the following guidance:

  • OG 1.033– 1.042 (low end is typical)
  • IBU 12 – 20 (high end is typical)
  • FG 1.011 – 1.014 (high end is typical)
  • SRM 19 – 35 (target Coca Cola)
  • ABV 2.8 – 4.1% (low end is typical)

He describes it as ‘Low alcohol but full flavour’.

If you’d like to enter then please bring 3 litres of beer to the meeting for 7pm.

Meeting Schedule

19:00Arrive and grab a beer, tasting experiment, followed by club news and updates.
21:30Meeting to close