Kenn's Brown Ale

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This is an improved version of the beer which came 2nd in Hayesenbrau 2023. Glad I finally got it right after 7 attempts! That said, I think next time I will pull back on the Special X and replace half with standard crystal. It is based on Mann’s Brown ale but has some modern twists (non-native malt and strange mashing procedures!). I think you could probably push it a bit more with the hopping – next time I will try using something more exotic.


GBBF 2023 - Homebrew Competition

2nd – Brown Ales, Milds, Old ales etc


  • IBU 14
  • ABV 2.5%
  • OG 1.038
  • FG 1.019
  • EBC 39
  • 4.5 litres into fermenter.



  • SES water @ 74-3-15-23-27
  • Calcium chloride added to kettle to enhance fullness of final beer.


  • Barke Munich 38.4%
  • Floor malted Maris Otter 38.4%
  • Bestmalz Special X 9.1%
  • Simpson’s amber malt 1%
  • Brown malt 1%


  • Croydon fusion (5% AA) 24g in the mash liquor then transferred to the mash for the full duration. To approximate the flavour of Croydon Fusion use a 50-50 mix of Kent goldings and UK Cascade.


  • Approx 3g Lallemand Windsor, rehydrated



  • Aim to mash as high as you dare to encourage fewer fermentables. I aimed for 80C but only reached 75C because reasons.

pH 5.42


  • Boil for an hour then at 10mins:
  • 20g Total Sweet Xylitol (unfermentable sugar),
  • 100g Invert no.2 sugar (or whatever colour you’ve made
  • Pinch of protofloc
  • Pinch of yeast nutrient


  • Dab of Brausol before pitching.

Pitch yeast and let it go. It should ferment out in 3 days or less but let it sit until at least 7 days have elapsed.


  • Carbonate to 1.8vols and serve cool.