Coconut Porter

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By Ken Bazley

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BJCP 2021 Style 30A Spiced, Herb and Vegetable Beer

I decide to brew this after tasting a can of Maui Brewery-Coconut Porter.
I've brewed it many times and always had great feedback. Quote from Gregg Irwin (founding partner of Weird Beard) - "liquid bounty heaven".

It also won me my first competition medal!

To achieve a great coconut flavour you need to gently toast it before adding it to secondary.
I will warn you though that miniscule pieces of coconut can slip through into the final product which cause nucleation sites when you bottle. So if you bottle, don't keep them for too long!


UK Nationals 2012, Bristol

1st - Porters and Stouts


  • IBU 40
  • ABV 4.8%
  • OG 1.055
  • FG 1.019
  • EBC 70
  • 52 litre batch.
  • 48 litres into fermenter.



London water


  • Maris Otter Pale 11kg
  • Carafa I 460g
  • Crystal 500g
  • Chocolate 460g
  • Black 230g


  • Target (11% AA) 27g @ 60
  • Magnum (14%AA) 13g @ 60
  • Willamette 6.3% 42@ 40min
  • Willamette 6.3% 30@ 20min


  • Dessicated Coconut, 800gr - (toast at 150C for 40mins in fan oven)


  • US-05 - (also works well with WLP051)



Single infusion at 66.8°C for 90 minutes
Mashout at 75°C
Mash thickness of 2.5 litres per kilogram.


60 minute boil,


Ferment started at 18°C rising to 21°C, FG after 7 days.
Add coconut to secondary after 4 days.