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By James Pettifor (Anglian Craft Brewers)

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BJCP 2021 Style 25A Belgian Blond Ale

I was hoping to get somewhere close to Affligem blond of which I am rather fond...not entirely sure that I did, but happy that I produced a beer that not only did I like, but so did the judges and others who sampled it. As with many Belgian beers, it is deceptively simple.
I've made this beer twice. The first version used a mix of clear and dark Candi sugars and slightly higher bitterness which made it a little darker and bitter than the above version. I think the second version has worked better.
Doubtless there will be a third at some point!


Scottish National Homebrew Competition 2022 (Remote judging, Jan/Feb 2022)

1st - Light Belgian Ales


  • IBU 22
  • ABV 7%
  • OG 1.058-1.062
  • FG 1.005
  • EBC 7
  • 23 litres into fermenter.



Water was a mix of very hard Ipswich water and RO/demineralised water with additions of CRS/AMS to reduce the alkalinity to a bare minimum, and Calcium Chloride and Gypsum to achieve approx 100ppm Ca+, minimal Mg+/Na+ and balanced CL-/SO4- at around 120ppm.

Use favourite water calculator to get somewhere near this.


  • 6kg Dingemans Belgian Pilsner malt
  • 200g golden granulated (cane) sugar added late in the boil


  • Magnum for 12-13 IBU @ 60 minutes
  • Styrian Goldings pellets for 4-5 IBU @ 15 mins
  • Saaz whole hops for 4-5 IBU @ 15 mins


  • WLP550 Belgian Ale Yeast, grew a starter to give me c.11 million cells/ml



  • 63C for 30 mins
  • 70C for a further 30 mins


  • 60 minute boil
  • Add sugar near end of boil
  • Add 1/2 protafloc tablet near end of boil


  • Start at 20C
  • After a day increase the set temperature to 25C for a further 5-6 days until a steady gravity reading is reached
  • Cold crash below 4C for a week


  • Prime and bottling to achieve 3 volumes of CO2.