Hard Top

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By James Wilson

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BJCP 2021 Style 20B American Stout

This is not a shy and retiring beer - it is aggressive in almost every way, very roasty and hoppy with a fairly high level of bitterness. It's surprising how it all works together, but it does. Some people have commented that it's quite 'ashy' so if you want something a bit gentler then try reducing the Chocolate, Roast Barley and Dark Crystal by a third each.


Black Friday 2021 (Hammerton Brewery, 26/11/2021)

3rd - Best in Show

1st - American Porters and Stouts

Scottish National Home Brew Competition 2021 (Remote judging 02/2021)

3rd - Stouts and Porters


  • IBU 57
  • ABV 5.9%
  • OG 1.059
  • FG 1.014
  • EBC 115
  • 24 litres at end of boil.
  • 21 litres into fermenter.



London water treated to leave 100ppm alkalinity as CaCO3 in mash, 30ppm in sparge liquor.
End wort profile approximately:

  • 110ppm Calcium
  • 70ppm Sulphate
  • 110ppm Chloride


  • Crisp Maris Otter, 6 EBC, 4750g, 75.5%
  • Crisp Chocolate, 950 EBC, 400g, 6.4%
  • Crisp Roasted Barley, 1300 EBC, 400g, 6.4%
  • Simpsons Dark Crystal, 265 EBC, 400g, 6.4%
  • Rolled Oats, 3 EBC, 340g, 5.4%


  • 30g Sabro at 60 minutes
  • 40g Sabro at 5 minutes
  • 90g Sabro dry hop


Wyeast 1056 American Ale



Single infusion at 67c for 60 minutes

Mash thickness of 2.5 litres per kilogram.


60 minute boil, 27 litres starting, 24 litres at end.


2 litre starter

Fermented at 18C for 2 days then 20C to finish.

When ferment was complete, crash to 12C and dry hop for 48 hours.

Carbonate to at least 2.5 volumes.