How Now, Brown Ale?

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Mark Sanderson (left) receives the London Amateur Brewers 2023 Hayesenbrau Award from the Chairman, James Wilson (right), for his London Brown Ale "How Now, Brown Ale?"

How Now, Brown Ale? By Mark Sanderson

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BJCP 2021 Style Historical Beer: London Brown Ale

The kit I use (BrewHa Brew In A Conical) delivers a fairly low BH efficiency (typically 67%), so bear this in mind if using this recipe.


LAB Open 2023 (Hammerton Brewery, 14/5/2023)

1st - International Amber and Brown Ale

Hayesenbrau Award (London Amateur Brewers at Mash Paddle May 2023)

Hayesenbrau 2023 - 1st place

Reading Amateur Brewers Sour & Session (Phantom Brewing Co, April 2023)

1st - British / Irish Ales (a version of this beer that was not back-sweetened with caramel syrup).


  • IBU 18.9
  • ABV 3.4%
  • OG 1.046
  • FG 1.020
  • EBC 50.3
  • 65 litres at end of boil.
  • 62.5 litres into fermenter.



  • Tap water (Catford, SE London)
  • Small pinch of Potassium Metabisulphate
  • Calcium 147, Magnesium 11, Sodium 36, Chloride 179, Sulfate 83, Cl/S04 2.15
  • ph 5.20 intended (came out at 5.10)


  • Warminster Floor Malted Marris Otter 55.3%
  • Simpsons Caramalt 35EBC 12.0%
  • Simpsons Caramalt 60EBC 7.5%
  • Brown Malt 525EBC 5.7%
  • Weyermann Acidulated 3.5EBC 4.5%
  • Wayermann Carafa 3 1400EBC 1.6%
  • Melanoidin Malt 70EBC 1.6%
  • Chocolate Malt 950EBC 0.8%
  • Lactose 6.2%
  • Lyle’s Golden Syrup 4.8%
  • See ‘Serving’ for caramel addition.


  • Target (whole) 9.11%AA 45 mins 12.5IBUs
  • Challenger (whole) 8.0AA 15 mins 6.4IBUs


  • Mangrove Jack M46 Liberty Bell (3 packets for 60L batch, 510B cells called for)


Brew in a Conical method where the (almost) full boil volume is mashed within the 3-in-1 vessel and then the grains are withdrawn at the end of the mash. The wort is fermented and boiled in the same vessel.


  • 1hr 15mins at 72c
  • 10 mins Mash out at 78c
  • 3L of the make-up water used to rinse the grain.


  • 60 mins


  • Added NBS Clarity at point of pitching (for gluten reduction - family member is a coeliac)
  • 20c for 3 days
  • 22c for 2 days


  • Force-carbonated in corny keg incrementally until it felt right. Carbonation is fairly low, though.
  • Back-sweetened with 2ml per Litre of Monin Caramel Syrup.