Identity Crisis

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By James Wilson

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BJCP 2021 Style 21B Belgian IPA

I really like Houblon Chouffe and then found a recipe that was supposedly quite close to the real thing and it worked out well. I wasn't a big fan of the beer for the first couple of weeks after kegging, but then the harshness of alcohol and bitterness rounded out and I couldn't stop going back to it.


Welsh National Homebrew Competition 2023 (Mad Dog Brewery Co, 23/09/2023)

3rd - Best of Show

1st - IPA


  • IBU 63
  • ABV 9.2%
  • OG 1.076
  • FG 1.006
  • EBC 7
  • 24 litres at end of boil.
  • 21 litres into fermenter.



  • Blend of reverse osmosis and tap water with gypsum and calcium chloride added to the mash to get:
  • 65ppm Calcium
  • 111ppm Sulphate
  • 90ppm Chloride


  • 6000g Dingemans Pilsen, 3 EBC, 84.5%
  • 1100g cane sugar, 15.5% (Added at end of boil)


  • 30g Columbus 14.3% @ 60m
  • 15g Columbus 14.3% @ 20m
  • 40g Saaz 2.6% @ 5m
  • 60g Amarillo, dry hop for 2 days at 13C in fermenter
  • 40g Amarillo, dry hop for 2 days at 5C in keg
  • 25g Citra, dry hop for 2 days at 5C in keg


  • White Labs WLP550
  • 2 litre starter



  • Single infusion at 67c for 60 minutes


  • 60 minute boil, 27 litres starting, 24 litres at end.
  • Add sugar at the end of the boil.


  • Pitched yeast at 18C, let rise to 20C.
  • After 5 days when nearing terminal gravity raise to 22C to finish.


  • Carbonate to around 2.8 volumes CO2.