Adding Bacon to Beer

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[Fraser] and I got the best smoked bacon we could. And low temp grilled it to dry it out. I guess now air fry would work too. Once it was as dry as poss without burning it, used a bullet kitchen appliance to grind into a dust… we called it “pig glitter”

We then soaked it in good quality high strength vodka for a week or two, that took several goes at filtering out which left as clear as possible (one full bottle of vodka reduced to effectively say a third pint maybe a little more) tincture, bacon vodka.

I bet there's better methods these days maybe even freezing to filter junk off? But went into a dark beer, so we decided that was sufficient.

We actually did twice but at one time. One was bacon only, the other was maple soaked bacon. That was messier… but slight edge on the flavour. Two versions one beer.


Looking at my notes I slow cooked 280g bacon till it was crispy. Then pressed it between kitchen roll to remove as much grease/fat as possible. Cooled and then blitzed into powder.

Added to 350ml grey goose vodka ( cheaper brands are available) left to infuse for a week. Drained tincture from bacon and dosed into beer at a rate of 1ml tincture to 136ml of beer.

This version had 85ml into 11.56litres of beer. And from memory I think it needed more bacon flavour so if I did it again I'd up it 1/100ml or use more bacon.