Great Galah Aussie Wit

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By Ken Bazley

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BJCP 2021 Style 24A - Witbier I love a witbier and I've brewed many. For this one I thought a subtle addition of some Aussie hops late in the boil would add a bit of something different without going over the top.
When brewing witbiers I don't attempt to peel or zest the citrus additions, I throw them in whole as this way you will not accidentally add any of the bitter pith.


UK Nationals 2017, Bristol

1st - Belgian & French

2nd - Best of Show


  • IBU 21.9
  • ABV 4.7%
  • OG 1.046
  • FG 1.010
  • EBC 11.2
  • 10 litres into fermenter.



London water

  • CRS, 5.2ml in the mash
  • Phosphoric Acid, 3.12ml in the mash
  • Phosphoric Acid, 0.27ml in the sparge liquor


  • Wheat malt, 2.4kg - 3.9EBC
  • Pale malt, 1.2kg - 5.9EBC


  • Columbus, 12% at 60 minutes
  • East Kent Goldings, 5.7% at 15 minutes
  • Galaxy, 14% at 10 minutes
  • Victoria Secret, 15.5% at 5 minutes


  • Coriander Seeds, 5g at 15 minutes
  • One whole Lemon at 15 minutes
  • One whole Orange at 15 minutes


  • Safbrew Wheat, WB-06



Single infusion at 66.5C for 60 minutes.


60 minute boil.


Pitched at 18°C and let rise naturally, finishing at 21°C.
FG reached after 7 days.