London Amateur Brewers

London Amateur Brewers

The homebrew club for brewers of all levels based in and around London. We meet monthly, come and join us.

December Meeting Roundup

A little late on this one considering it happened exactly 1 month, 1 hour and 19 minutes ago. This time it was the turn of Mike C. (We have a lot of Mikes at LAB. And Tonys. That’s just how we roll.) It was another bumper month for style-talk beers, this time a flight of 10 fantastic Belgian Guezes. Along with a photos from several brewery tours Mike took us through the origins, production and blending of these unique beers in what was a very interesting and informative session.

The next meeting is tonight, Jan 5th where we will be learning to identify taste flaws caused by wild yeasts, and a guide to Mike E’s marvelous brewery.

Posted: Monday, January 5th, 2009

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