About Us

Who are the London Amateur Brewers?

We are an enthusiastic and informal group of home-brewers from London and the Home Counties who meet to share their skills, knowledge (and beer), to widen their appreciation of the world’s finest drink, and improve the beer they make themselves.

If you’re a beginner interested in getting into homebrewing or an experienced brewer looking to improve your beers, come along… We meet once a month – see the sidebar on the right of the page for details of our next meeting.

Our meetings cater for a wide range of ages, and all levels of experience — from beginners looking to learn through to experts honing their technique. Although we tend to focus on beer, brewers of wine, mead, cider and other fermented beverages are also welcome.

We are affiliated to both the National Association of Wine and Beermakers (NAWB), and the Craft Brewing Association (CBA).

You can find our more about our history here.

A Statement of Aims

At London Amateur Brewers we encourage our members to contribute to the club by bringing their homebrewed wares for sampling. We are honest in our appraisal of all samples brought for tasting as we firmly believe hearing constructive impartial advice is the only way to improve one’s beer-making. We have the benefit at LAB of having a number of highly experienced brewers and qualified beer judges among our members, so there is a wealth of knowledge freely available to tap into.

Therefore, do not worry about bringing in beer which has not gone as you’d hoped. Nobody is going to point and laugh at you — you will get an open critique and pointers on how to improve your next batch. In fact there is usually more merit in having these beers critiqued than flawless beers. Ultimately, we all want to improve our brewing and by bringing beers for our peers to assess it helps us to get there, in the way that reading brewing books alone cannot.

Happy brewing.

LAB Leadership

We at LAB are a friendly group of people who all get along, but we do need people to lead us and to give our meetings and events focus. Here is our current leadership team:

James Wilson
Deputy Chairman
Lee Immins
Ken Bazley
Competition Organisers
Anthony Hawkins and Rob Gallagher
Website Admin
Darren Oakley
Social Media
James Wilson