Fuggles Hop Trial

Many of you will recall that we have been undertaking brewing trials with a Fuggle seedling grown at Wye Hops Ltd. Although not a true Fuggle, the new seedling is disease and wilt resistant and the idea is that, should it “brew” like a true Fuggle it would be grown on and made available as an alternative. A copy of our report that was sent to Dr Peter Darby (Wye Hops) is attached. Peter was impressed with the work we did and on the back of the report they are now planting up a field in Worcestershire.

He has also had samples of the beer brewed, which he wants to taste with a major Kent hop grower. Also, samples are being sent to Charles Faram who are managing the field of the new hop.

So LAB makes a significant contribution to the development of English hops. Hopefully Peter will ask us to do some more trials in the future. Exciting stuff. He’s currently writing his newsletter and will be including a mention of our work. I’ll circulate a copy.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the trial.


Fuggle Seedling Hop Trial Report – Feb to June 2013