Next Meeting: December 2015

Our next meeting will be at UBrew, Arches 29-30, 24 Old Jamaica Road, London, SE16 4AW on Monday 7th December, starting at 18:30, and finishing around 22:00.

This month as tradition dictates, we have no scheduled talk. The intention is that members bring in ‘Extreme’ beers for sampling, and we have a good session. These beers can we extreme in any way – extremely alcoholic, extremely weak, extremely infected…. Also please bring in any seasonal beers that you have i.e. Christmas beers, mead, whatever you like. But to be honest, just bring in any beer, it will go down well we’re sure!

We will also be announcing the new Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the next two years.

If you have any news items that you’d like to talk about, bring them to the group. Similarly, if you have a brewing question for the Q&A section that you’d like to be answered by the group bring it along and we’ll discuss it.

Please remember to bring in at least two litres of beer if you intend getting feedback from the whole group during the formal tasting session.