Meeting: March 2019

The March meeting marks the end of our short touring phase, as we’ve found an excellent venue at

The Barrel Project,

80 Druid Street, Bermondsey

This meeting also reverts back to our customary ‘first monday’ evening and will be held on

Monday 4th March at 1830

Not only that, but we have been working closely with The Barrel Project and London Beer Factory to develop a new type of meeting… more social, more relaxed, more free-flowing… to work with and complement our regular meetings. These will be primarily focused around a brew day (evening!) on home-brew scale kit, so it will be a great chance for all those visual and kinesthetic learners to see how easy it really is to brew great beer! The brew will start at 1730, and people are welcome to drop in and out as needed. This exciting new venture will also take place at the Barrel Project on 

Tuesday 5th March

Look forward to seeing you there!