LAB Open – Label & Pump Clip Competition

Edit: June 2019 – Unfortunately, we didn’t receive enough entries to run this competition at LABOpen ’19, so we have decided to extend the entries to artwork for any beer entered into any LAB-run competition over the next year, up to and including LABOpen ’20, where the overall winner will be awarded.
Edit: May 2020 – Well. That LABOpen ’20 plan didn’t work out in the end! We can still do this bit, though! So, new deadline:

– New deadline: 1st June 2020 –

In so many respects, homebrewers are increasingly proving themselves the equal of professional brewers. The standard of UK homebrewing has increased enormously and, more and more, homebrewers are taking care to make sure their beer is enjoyed in optimum condition; not only tasting great, but with excellent clarity, balance, carbonation, and presentation. And, as many great breweries have shown us over the past years, a key part of the overall presentation is the label, artwork or pump clip.

This year, LAB would like to recognise those who are giving homebrew that perfect, professional finish with amazing homebrewed design. As such, we would like to formally invite submissions for the first LAB Design Award!


Deadline for submissions is 10th May 2019. A panel of judges will select a shortlist that will be displayed at the LABOpen Festival on 19th May, and the winner will be selected by Fourpure’s creative team.


  • Address for enquiries and to submit entries:
  • Entries in *.jpg/*.gif/*.png format only
  • Must be smaller than 1280x1028px and/or 15Mb
  • Must be at least 300dpi
  • Details of the beer (name, brewer and competition entry number) must be included in the submission, but do not need to appear in the design. See below for details.
  • Entrants may submit up to two designs
  • Judges will award rosettes to first, second and third place entries (other prizes may be announced)


  • Entrants to the Design Award do not have to be homebrewers and also do not have to have entered beer in LABOpen, but
  • All designs must be expressly created for a specific, named beer submitted to the competition (and entries will be judged, in part, on how well they fit the specified beer). If you would like to enter the competition, but do not know any beers entered, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and match your intended design to a suitable beer. For further info, please see the the list of styles accepted for judging
  • We will accept entries from people who work in design or creative fields, but we ask entrants to consider the amateur and homebrew nature of the LABOpen when deciding whether to enter. If in doubt, please ask.
  • It should hardly need saying, but any entries that are offensive, sexist or discriminatory in any way will be disqualified and returned, along with some choice epithets of our own. If this seems unclear, browse Pumpclip Parade, and have a word with yourself.