LAB On Lockdown: Vol. 4

Our next online meeting will take place at 19:00-21:00 on the 6th July, 2020 – we’ll run the meeting over Zoom and it’s open to anyone from the home brewing community to join in on, please just jump in.

This month Peter Symons (who has presented to us in the past on Australian Sparkling Ale) will take us through some of what he has learned about reading and interpreting really old production records and translating them into recipes using modern methods and ingredients. 

It includes a historical perspective and provides the methodology behind how he derived the recreation brews in his books. So, if you are inspired to go to the source, as it were, you would at least have a starting point.


19:00 Welcome and club update
19:30 Talk: “Recreating Old Beers” – Peter Symonds
20:00 Q&A and general chit chat – what’s brewing etc.
21:00 Meeting to close (unless folks want to hang around and chat some more)

Meeting Details

Date: 6th July 2020
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
URL: – for the password, please email, or DM @lonbrew on twitter.

More About Peter Symonds

Peter has an ongoing passion, perhaps bordering on obsession, with discovering and recreating historic beers. He has published Bronzed Brews and 6 O’CLOCK Brews containing numerous recipes for historic Australian beers, and this year Guile Brews covering selected traditional Cornish, Irish and English beers.

His books are available in print on demand from Lulu, look out for discount codes on their homepage. 

15% off – use Code: CREATE15 | Ends May 21 at 11:59 PM | US Eastern Time