Category Announcements

April Meeting – Monday 2nd

The next LAB meeting will be on the 2nd of April. Both the content of the meeting and the venue have yet to be confirmed so please check back for details. Update: we will be at the drafthouse. Draft House…

March Meeting – Monday 5th

We will be judging entries for the CBA Club Only Competitions 2012 and trying out a new venue, the Draft House Tower Bridge 6.30pm onwards. Draft House Tower Bridge 206-208 Tower Bridge Road London SE1 2UP

CBA Club Competition‏

On the 5th of March we will be selecting our entry for the CBA Club Only Competitions 2012 Bitter (BJCP Category 8) . We will select one beer to be put forward and judged on the 18th of March by…

February Meeting – Monday 6th

This month Giancarlo Maccini will be discussing Italian Craft beers including tasting off: (i) Fume du Sanlier – Smoked Ale, (ii) Noel du Sanglier – Belgian Strong Ale, (iii) Jadis – Double Blanche, (iv) Zona Cesarini – Pacific IPA.

January Meeting – Monday 9th

This month Paul Spearman takes over as the new chair of the London Amateur brewers and we move venue to the Bull Highgate. Paul will be taking the opportunity to discuss LAB and it’s future direction over the coming months so please…

December Meeting – Monday 5th

As per tradition, December’s LAB meeting will be an ‘extreme’ beers themed night, held at the Wenlock Arms. Bring along your ‘extreme’ beers and remember, extreme doesn’t just mean strong!

A new London home-brewing festival

Earlier this year we heard that the London and South East Craft Brewing Festival, which has been held annually in Sutton, was not going ahead. I am pleased to announce that the London Amateur Brewers have taken over the organisation…

August meeting – GBBF

August sees us taking a break from the usual schedule and we traditionally hold our meeting as a social at the Great British Beer Festival. Join us on Wednesday 3rd August from 6pm onwards. We gather in the seating area…