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UK Beer Festival Calendar

From the website aletalk.co.uk comes this handy list – a calendar of UK beer festivals of all sizes, more comprehensive (and user-friendly) than the one on CAMRAs site. Worth a look if you’re festival-inclined.

Battersea Beer Festival

This week sees the first of the capital’s beer festivals of 2010 in Battersea. One of my favourite festivals, it comes just at the right time for those who’ve had an abstemious January. Details here:

Pig’s Ear Beer & Cider Festival

Its on this week and is definitely worth a visit. The opening night (last night) was busy without being heaving and the beer selection is _great_. As well as the usual beer festival fare there are also lots of high-strength…

Halloween Round-up

Next meetThe next meeting of London Amateur Brewers will take place on Monday 2nd November at 6.30pm, upstairs at The Wenlock Arms (6 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7TA). We’ll be electing the next chairperson (exciting!) and the talk will be…

February 09 Update

The dramatic weather conditions totally did for the February get-together, and so the next LAB meeting will take place on Monday 2nd March, from 6pm onwards at the Wenlock Arms. All new members welcome. Pub map updateA few more pubs…