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The Power Of British Hops

We had Ali Capper from Stocks Farm come and talk to us at the December 2016 meeting. She talked about hop growing in the UK and around the world, and what makes British hops unique.

This is a brilliant site we’ve recently been made aware of: If you’re a competition organiser – make sure your competition details are on there!  The countdown timers to application and submission dates are very very useful as is…

Fuggle Seedling Hop Trial

Some members of LAB took part in a Fuggles seedling hop trial in collaboration with Wye Hops Ltd. back in 2013. Here’s the write-up of that trial and the resulting newsletter from Wye Hops. Fuggle Seedling Hop Trial – LAB…


These are the slides from the talk about hops – presented by Darren Oakley at the July 2015 meeting.